So I’m sat here thinking about the changes I want to make in my room. And I just made a funny realisation that I got to experience spring twice,  well actually three times including now. Last year I went to Melbourne and experienced the Aussie spring. Thinking back to the beautiful trees and flowers and scents of nature. When I came back it was winter here and now it’s spring again. Time seems to have gone for fast.  So in honour of that I’ll be posting some pictures on here from my trip for a few weeks, as a little reminder of those moments that I enjoyed. I think I’d like to have another trip probably next year perhaps visit New Zealand and Bali too whilst I’m down under. That gets me also thinking of all the places I’d like to visit. I have a list, but who doesn’t….

Before I used to be in such a rush to want to travel and visit different places. The idea of being a tourist and exploring places fascinated me. But then as I now travel more and more, I actually came to the realisation that I tend to live like a local. I enjoy doing what the locals do, I’m much more comfortable that way. You won’t find me in the tourist spots but rather just sitting and watching people go by from a local cafe or food place. I don’t like the pressure that everyone seems to have when they go somewhere new. They feel as though they must see every landmark and sight, for me it takes the fun out of it. I like to think that whenever I visit some place new, it’s only the first visit and I’ll be back, maybe in a year or maybe ten but either way, I can come back,  there’s no rush…… just a little thought

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