Café culture

So I’m thinking of starting a little series of posts called Café Culture where I try and find cute cafés whenever I’m travelling. I really enjoy sitting and having a latte or coffee, watching the time pass by and people going about their business. I love café music too, it’s so relaxing.  I remember there was a little one I used to go to almost everyday when I lived in West London called Kitchen and Pantry. It was adorable, played my favourite jazz music and old 50’s & 60s rock n roll. I always ordered my favourite red velvet cake and either a chai latte or hot chocolate. Just thinking about it now makes me miss it so much. 

Here are some tasty chocolate yums. I remember going into town and it was cold and raining. I ordered a chai latte with chocolate & an extremely gorgeous chocolate fudge cake. 

I love indulging in desserts when I know I shouldn’t. Who can blame me? look at all this chocolate deliciousness……mmm

Yummy 🙂 

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