Destination now known

Got the flights booked and I’m  feeling ok about it. The stressful part is finding suitable hotels. Do I want to stay in the city or country or by the seaside? I think that’s the most stressful part of planning a vacation, choosing a suitable hotel in the right location. I don’t want to stay somewhere full of tourist or crowds, I’d love to explore the surroundings but not feel too overwhelmed by the other visiters. It’s all about relaxation, so now I have to decide. I have maybe 8 or 9 choices I’ve gotten down to. I have searched online for 3days looking for reviews and watching videos. I felt alittle overwhelmed earlier today and even had doubts about the destination I picked. It got to the point of me wanting to cancel the flights but I think that was me just thinking too much. I just need to take a day or two then get back to it. I have 21days till we fly out. 

Relax, just relax. 

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