Feeling brand new

Nothing beats the feeling of new freshly clean bedding, I almost feel each time as though I’m in a completely new bed. This time I decided to get a few sets of new bedding with spring in mind. I’ve been really excited to try them and I couldn’t contain myself, having waited a whole week to change them. 

I really love this subtle floral embroidery detail. My room feels so much brighter when the sun is coming through the curtains.  I feel all ready and set for spring. 

With that in mind I’ve decided to do a spring time body cleanse. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, usually I’d do a 3 or 4 day cleanse at the start of each month. I’m now going to start a 28 day cleanse in which I’ll be drinking more smoothies, consuming more fresh fruit and exercising atleast 10mins a day. 

Hoping the sluggish feeling will seize and I’ll be less bloated. I know I’ve really been letting myself indulge in unhealthy food over the last 3months. I need this time to give my body a break. 

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