Caffeine Free

Decided to take a break from drinking coffee and since I’m on my spring cleanse anyway it’s the best time to do it. I have always been a tea girl and always will but recently found myself getting into coffee, having a cup or two a day. My favourite and the only one I drink is the Douwe Egberts brand and they do a gorgeous caramel flavoured variety. I have noticed that I get headaches a lot more. Well since I’ve been consuming more coffee. I never used to get headaches or migraines prior to 2yrs ago. So I’ve really been wanting to stop my intake for a while now to try and see if it’s the cause. 

I came across an alternative caffeine free coffee while doing my monthly shopping online from Holland and barrett. Yesterday it arrived and today I took the plunge. Made my first brew.   

The smell was great when I first opened the jar. It’s lovely and earthy, I can’t really explain the scent but it’s great, refreshing, not too strong. 

It’s a super lovely colour and finely ground. I only used one teaspoon scoop with water. 

It actually tastes great, I mean it’s coffee, but it’s not too much. I mean as a first taste I love it. Maybe I’ve found my alternative and will not be drinking the regular stuff, maybe not, for now I’m satisfied. 

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