Soothing & Comforting

These little beauties arrived in the post today. I’m really into essential oils and burner oils for relaxation and health benefits. 

I really enjoy the scent of Frankincense, I use it as a topical oil before bedtime and also put a tiny drop of a different brand onto my tongue and it has great internal benefits.  

Frankincense benefits : Relaxation – Sedative – Mental clarity – Stress relief – Good for uterine health – Good for colds and digestion – Oral health benefits 

I have never tried Sage before so I am really happy so far with the scent of it. It’s really gorgeous and calming. I used it today in my oil burner and it definitely has uplifted my mood and also I feel very relaxed. I’m excited to use it further 

Clary Sage benefits : Eye health – Antidepressant – Anti bacterial – Skin health – Relaxation – Nervine 

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